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Fercom Advertising Ltd. Sti. In 1999, it started its activities in the fields of advertising and computer technologies, taking into account the needs of the region. In Outdoor Advertising, our company continues its development by following the sectoral technology.

As Fercom Reklam, our company continues on its way with the same enthusiasm.

our vision

To be a preferred leader company by differentiating above the standards in our sector

Our Mission

Understanding the needs of companies operating in various sectors and providing the best solutions in line with their interests

Environmentally Responsible Business
We are constantly working to be a company that respects people who protect the green and our environment.
We want to be your Solution Partner
  • We make your work easier with projects and innovative ideas
  • We create your corporate identity with graphic and logo designs
  • We offer solutions to increase your profitability
  • We offer you solutions with our ERP-MRP Manufacturing Production software

We will be pleased to be your solution partner by meeting your demands.

Our quality policy
  1. Providing solutions by meeting the expectations of our customers in line with their interests
    To be a preferred strong brand.
  2. To follow the technological developments in our sector and to ensure the continuity of our development by conducting research that can facilitate our work.
  3. To reduce our costs by continuous improvement and right production at the first time to increase efficiency and quality
  4. To constantly monitor our customers' evaluations of our company, to effectively manage customer feedback.
  5. To deliver on time and to establish a quality management system aimed at continuous improvement.
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Fercom Advertisement
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