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Plastic glass products with transparent and translucent types, plexiglass is named. plexi productsIt is obtained from petroleum products with the help of chemical processes. They are generally produced as 1.5-2.5 millimeter thick sheets as raw materials.

What is Plexi?

Also known as Plexi plexiglass It is the name given to the material used as plastic glass at its most basic. The product, which is very easy to process, stands out as a product that is both fully transparent, translucent and transparent. Due to its light structure, it can be easily processed. Since it is a product that can be cut, it continues to be used in many sectors. The material, also known as plastic glass among the people, is preferred as a wide product range because it is used in many areas. Fercom Advertisement continues to be used in many fields.

Plexi usage areas in the company when it will be examined in general;

  • Product Display Stands
  • Plexi Lantern and Cosmetic Stands
  • Lighting Stands
  • Inflatable Brochure Holders, Plexi Signage Systems
  • Plexi Vacuum, Box and Letter Blow Molding Services
  • Led Systems and Plexi Laser CNC Cutting
  • Decoration Products and Special Designs
  • Polycarbonate Roof Cover
  • Boat and Yacht Glasses
  • Chairs
  • Glasses Stands and Plexi Tie Holder
  • Jewelry Stands
  • Plexi Table and Other Furniture
  • Test Tubes and Laboratory Equipment
  • Acrylic Stands
  • UV Printing Services

will stand out.

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